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July 27, 2006

Hello, B-Z family and friends.   We hope you all are well and that the heat is bearable!

We are really looking forward to our reunion, and have a housekeeping item to bring up.  There are some costs associated with our upcoming reunion (park fee, catering, hotel suite, dvds, t-shirts, and the like).

We know that many out-of-towners may have hefty travel and transportation expenses, and that many may not have much, but . . any contributions to help defray expenses would be most welcome!

So far, we have had nice contributions from Mirry & Marv and Eve & Eli, and I know that a number of us have agreed to chip in as we can.

If you would like and are able to contribute to our BZ reunion, please send a check to:

Patti Catran-Whitney -- send email if you need the address

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.  Thank you so much.

See you in August!

warmly (all too true!),

beth (workinout@juno.com), barry (btavlin@renaisci.com), ellen (hopalong42@aol.com), leoni (leoni@mcveyandassociates.com), joanne (joanne@novatravelonline.com), and patti (patti@novatravelonline.com)